Get results faster in your journey as solopreneur

MakerOps is the Notion template that helps you streamline your ideation, build, launch and post-launch processes to help you succeed faster.

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Succeeding as a solopreneur takes time. And usually, many attempts

Your success as a solopreneur (unless you are very lucky) is based on launching as many solid ideas into the market as quickly as possible.

Hereβ€˜s Pieter Levels, the legendary indie-hacker who makes millions yearly with his products, sharing his own experience and take on this πŸ‘‰πŸΌ

To do that, it is essential to:

  • Have lots of viable ideas.
  • Know if you are truly solving a problem for your potential customers with them.
  • Build solutions with the minimum features that allow you to test your value propositions.
  • Put them directly in front of your target customers.

Enter MakerOps, the Notion template that helps you succeed faster.

MakerOps helps you succeed faster in your solopreneur journey by allowing you to transform raw ideas into digital products as fast as possible.

Succeed faster

Turn raw ideas into rock-solid value propositions, build an MVP and put it in front of your customers. MakerOps helps you streamline this process, guiding you through each stage until you hit your mark.

Build more, build better

Does this make sense? Is there a market for this idea?Is my value proposition different enough from my competitors? What features should I ship to validate it? What should I build next? MakerOps saves you dozens of hours by eliminating the guesswork during all your product lifecycle. Build better and build more to increase your chances of success.

Learn from every keystroke

Extract value from every stage of your journey.Gain insights from each product you develop, regardless of its immediate monetary success.

Turn complexity into simplicity with the MakerOps process

Ideate, build, launch, post-launch. On repeat.

From β€˜what if...’ to a solid value proposition.

πŸ’‘ Ideate

Collect and categorize everything you find inspiring, like simple thoughts, links, images or just ideas that cross your mind.

Next, formulate them from a business perspective, putting yourself on your customer shoes.

Refine these ideas further, understanding properly your market, which are your competitors and given that, how to craft a rock-solid value proposition.

Finally, you`'ll score them in the betting table to avoid paralysis by analysis and never lose momentum.

Feature mockup
Feature mockup

Turn your ideas into the MVP your market wants.

βš™ Build

Translate your value proposition to product requirements, prioritize them according to its relevance, build a brand and manage your entire product lifecycle from the same place.

If you haven't done it before, don't worry.

Every step of the process includes detailed explanations and resourceful guides for each step of the process to support you on your solopreneur journey.

Put your product in front of your customers.

πŸš€ Launch

Ideating and building your product is just the first half of the game.

Because the "build it and they will come" is one of the greatest phallacies of our industry.

Craft, track and manage effective launch (and pre-launch) campaigns to put your product in front of your customers.

Feature mockup
Feature mockup

Grow, pivot or kill (and repeat).

πŸ“Š Post-launch

Gather user feedback, improve your product and track its performance to decide with data what you must do:

Grow: Find new profitable channels to increase your profit.

Pivot: Distill your users feedback and market insights to turn your solution into a more effective one.

Kill it: Let go of your product, get back to your betting table and start the process again.


Growing resources database

Curated and categorized tools and learning resources database to help you in each stage of your journey as a solopreneur.

Profit from everything you do

You either win or learn, never fail. Build a personal learnings database with everything that makes you richer along the process.

Fully compatible with Notion's free plan

You don't need any premium Notion features to make the most out of MakerOps.

Compatible with Notion’s AI

It's designed to be enhanced by Notion AI features if you have them unlocked with your Notion paid plan.


As simple as it gets: Pay once, use as much as you want, for as long as you want.

MakerOps full access


One time payment

  • All in one Notion dashboard.
  • Free updates.
  • Unlimited access.
  • Growing database of resources.

About me

Hi, I’m Roberto!

I'm a developer, designer and writer building digital products, going from inception to scale since 2011.

Nowadays, I'm developing Bitcoin (Lightning) and Ethereum based financial services at turinlabs by day as Product engineer. By night, I'm having a blast building side projects like this one.

And since I'm ramping up my efforts, the first challenge I had to tackle was the one I'm solving with MakerOps.

I already succeed with two of them (blockchain toolkit and decentralist), with which I made $25k and $35k respectively and I want to help aspiring solopreneurs to do the same and go beyond.